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Table of Contents

New Evidence on North Korea
  • Introduction By Kathryn Weathersby
  • Sino-North Korean Conflict and its Resolution during the Korean War By Shen Zhihua 
  • Weathering the Sino-Soviet Conflict: The GDR and North Korea, 1949-1989 By Bernd Schäfer 
  • “You Have No Political Line of Your Own:” Kim Il Sung and the Soviets, 1953-1964 By Balázs Szalontai 
New Evidence on the Soviet War in Afghanistan
  • Introduction By Christian F. Ostermann
  • Gorbachev and Afghanistan Edited and Annotated By Christian F. Ostermann 
  • KGB Active Measures in Southwest Asia in 1980-82 By Vasily Mitrokhin 
  • Why Was There No “Second Cold War” in Europe? Hungary and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1979: Documents from the Hungarian Archives By Csaba Békés
  • Czechoslovakia and the War in Afghanistan, 1979-1989 By Oldrich Tuma
  • More East-Bloc Sources on Afghanistan 
Ukraine and the Soviet-Czechoslovak Crisis of 1968 (Part 2):
  • New Evidence from the Ukrainian Archives Compiled, Introduced, Translated, and Annotated By Mark Kramer 
New Evidence on Cold War Crises
  • Russian Documents on the Korean War: 1950-53 Introduction by James G. Hershberg and translations by Vladislav Zubok
  • Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Cuba: New Evidence By Svetlana Savaranskaya 
Conference Reports, Research Notes and Archive Updates
  • Cold War in the Caucasus: Notes and Documents from a Conference By Svetlana Savranskaya and Vladislav Zubok
  • A Cold War Odyssey: The Oswald Files By Max Holland
  • Mongolian Archives By Sergey Radchenko 
  • Todor Zhivkov and the Cold War: Revelations from His Personal Papers 
  • New Central and East European Evidence on the Cold War in Asia By Yvette Chin, Gregory Domber, Malgorzata Gnoniska and Mircea Munteanu