Commentary: A Vision of a Green Pearl River Delta: The NDRC’s 2008-2020 Outline Plan for the PRD, Christine Loh, Megan Pillsbury
By Andrew Lawson & Mike Kilburn

Commentary: Shifting Power in Central-Local Environmental Governance in China: The Regional Supervision Centers
By Scott Moore

Feature Box: Preparing for Humanitarian Disasters at the Third Pole
By Linden Ellis

Feature Box: Relieving Stress on China’s Agriculture: Long-Term UK-China Collaboration to Help China Adapt to Climate Change Impacts
By John Warburton

Commentary: Incineration: A Dangerous Policy Option for China’s Municipal Solid Waste
By Zhao Ang & Mao Da

Spotlight on NGO Activism: The Gun Shoots the Bird That Does Not Stick Out
By Li Xiu Min

Commentary: Greenlaw and the First Year of China’s Open Environmental Information Regulations
By Hu Yuanqiong (Translated By Michael Zhang & Jacob Fromer)