This summary was written by Christine Zaino, Program Associate, Latin American Program, Woodrow Wilson Center and Program Director Cynthia Arnson.  It is based on the report, Seguridad y Populismo Punitivo en América Latina: Lecciones Corroboradas, Constataciones Novedosas y Temas Emergentes, by Latin American Program consultants Carlos Basombrío and Lucía Dammert.

The full report summarizes the principal findings of a series of regional seminars held in Latin America and Washington, D.C., with the support of the Andean Development Corporation (Corporación Andina de Fomento, CAF).  These seminars engaged experts and policy makers from three sub-regions—the Southern Cone, the Andean region, and Central America—in public and private debates over what has often been framed as a debate between security and justice – whether governments should focus on punitive measures to suppress crime or prioritize the strengthening of democratic institutions and respect for human rights.  

The complete final report, together with the reports on the three regional meetings, are in Spanish and can be found here, and more resources can be found on the Latin American Program Citizen Security blog.

The summary is available for download below.