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Carlos Basombrío Iglesias

Former Global Fellow


September 1, 1994 — December 31, 2017

Professional affiliation

Columnist, Perú21

Full Biography

On leave as of July 28, 2016

Carlos Basombrío is a Peruvian sociologist and journalist who currently serves as the Minister of the Interior of Peru.

Basombrío has worked as an independent researcher and consultant for Peruvian and international organizations. Previously, he wrote a bi-weekly column at Peru 21, a Peruvian leading newspaper, where served as Press Ombudsman between 2015 and 2016. He was the consulting director of the Latin American Program's Citizen Security project.  He is the author of several books and essays on human rights, democracy, civil military relations, police reform, and citizens security

Basombrío has been a member of the Instituto de Defensa Legal (1986- 2001), one of the most important Peruvian NGO and has served three times as its general director.  He was also a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center (1994-1995).

From 2001 and 2004 he served in the Ministry of Interior in several positions: Vice Minister, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister, coordinator of the Police Reform Commission and member of the Police Modernization Commission.