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In the 1996 issue of ECSP's annual report, Miriam R. Lowi writes about water disputes in the Middle East, while Dennis Pirages explores "microsecurity". Also in this issue: a look at overseas contamination by the military; an action plan for population, development, and environment; and Thomas Homer-Dixon's findings from a project on environment, population, and security.


  • Political and Institutional Responses to Transboundary Water Disputes in the Middle East -  Miriam R. Lowi
  • Microsecurity: Disease Organisms and Human Well-Being - Dennis Pirages
  • Overseas Contamination: An Open Sore in the Pentagon‘s Improving Environmental Record - Lenny Siegel
  • An Action Plan for Population, Development, and the Environment - Alene H. Gelbard
  • National Security, the Environment and DOD - Kent Butts
  • From Deep Black to Green? Demystifying the Military Monitoring of the Environment - Ronald J. Deibert
  • Saving the Environment (and Political Stability too): Institutional Responses for Developing Nations - Jack A. Goldstone
  • Advancing Environment and Security Goals through “Integrated Security Resource Planning” - Gareth Porter
  • When Are Environmental Issues Security Issues? - Brian R. Shaw
  • The Project on Environment, Population, and Security: Key Findings of Research - Thomas Homer-Dixon
  • Debate: Time for a Third Wave of Environment and Security Scholarship, with Thomas Homer-Dixon, Marc Levy, Gareth Porter, and Jack Goldstone
  • Official Statements and Documents