Excerpts from recent official statements in which environmental issues are cited in the context of security institutions and national interests, and reviews by experts of new publications.

Reviews include:

  • Conflict and the Environment, edited by  by Nils Petter Gleditsch (1997). Reviewed by Simon Dalby.
  • Environmental Degradation as a Cause of War: Environmental Conflicts in the Third World and Ways for their Peaceful Resolution, by Günther Baechler, Volker Böge, Stefan Klötzli, Stephan Libiszewski, and Kurt R. Spillmann; and Environmental Degradation as a Cause of War: Regional and Country Studies, edited by by Günther Bächler and Kurt R. Spillmann (1996). Reviewed by Wenche Hauge.
  • Research on Environment, Poverty, and Conflict: A Proposal, edited by by Dan Smith and Willy Østreng (1997). Reviewed by Ashley Miller.
  • Population and Environment: Rethinking the Debate, edited by Lourdes Arizpe, M. Priscilla Stone and David C. Major (1994). Reviewed by Mita Gibson.
  • Biodiversity and Human Health, edited by Francesca Grifo and Joshua Rosenthal (1997). Reviewed by Jessica Powers.
  • The Endangered Atmosphere: Preserving a Global Commons, by Marvin S. Soroos (1997). Reviewed by Stacy D. VanDeveer and Alex Farrell.
  • The New Geopolitics of Energy, by John V. Mitchell with Peter Beck and Michael Grubb (1996). Reviewed by Paul Runci.
  • Thinking Ecologically: The Next Generation of Environmental Policy, edited by Marian R. Chertow and Daniel C. Esty (1997). Reviewed by Melissa Brown.