ECSP Report 4: Official Statements and New Publications

Simon Dalby, Wenche Hauge, Ashley Miller, Mita Gibson, Jessica Powers, Stacy D. VanDeveer, Alex Farrell, Paul Runci, and Melissa Brown

Excerpts from recent official statements in which environmental issues are cited in the context of security institutions and national interests, and reviews by experts of new publications.

Reviews include:

  • Conflict and the Environment, edited by  by Nils Petter Gleditsch (1997). Reviewed by Simon Dalby.
  • Environmental Degradation as a Cause of War: Environmental Conflicts in the Third World and Ways for their Peaceful Resolution, by Günther Baechler, Volker Böge, Stefan Klötzli, Stephan Libiszewski, and Kurt R. Spillmann; and Environmental Degradation as a Cause of War: Regional and Country Studies, edited by by Günther Bächler and Kurt R. Spillmann (1996). Reviewed by Wenche Hauge.
  • Research on Environment, Poverty, and Conflict: A Proposal, edited by by Dan Smith and Willy Østreng (1997). Reviewed by Ashley Miller.
  • Population and Environment: Rethinking the Debate, edited by Lourdes Arizpe, M. Priscilla Stone and David C. Major (1994). Reviewed by Mita Gibson.
  • Biodiversity and Human Health, edited by Francesca Grifo and Joshua Rosenthal (1997). Reviewed by Jessica Powers.
  • The Endangered Atmosphere: Preserving a Global Commons, by Marvin S. Soroos (1997). Reviewed by Stacy D. VanDeveer and Alex Farrell.
  • The New Geopolitics of Energy, by John V. Mitchell with Peter Beck and Michael Grubb (1996). Reviewed by Paul Runci.
  • Thinking Ecologically: The Next Generation of Environmental Policy, edited by Marian R. Chertow and Daniel C. Esty (1997). Reviewed by Melissa Brown.

Experts & Staff