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The Linkages Between Population and Water: Forthcoming Articles from ECSP

In collaboration with the University of Michigan Population Fellows Program, ECSP commissioned in fall 2000 a series of articles to examine global and regional linkages between population and water. The interplay among these issues is at the heart of this project.Each of the three articles (summarized below) has been jointly written by a pair of authors, representing both a Northern and Southern perspective. Each article also draws on regional case-study material.

  • The Coming Fresh Water Crisis Is Already Here, by Don Hinrichsen and Henrylito D. Tacio
  • Urbanization and Intersectoral Competition for Water, by Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Paul P. Appasamy
  • Exploring the Population-Water Resources Nexus in the Developing World, by Anthony R. Turton and Jeroen F. Warner.

Environmental Mission Recommendations for the U.S. Intelligence Community

This article gives a concrete list of simple yet effective ways in which U.S. intelligence satellites can significantly boost the country’s emerging environmental security mission. These recommendations (a) highlight a nexus of traditional national security issues and environmental security issues, and (b) largely promote synergistic cooperation between the traditional  and the progressive. The article then analyzes both the direct and the associated costs of the proposed programs.