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When most people think of the Dark Net, they think of crime, fraud, illegal online activities and terrorism. But what really is the Dark Net? Why is it appealing to internet-savvy terrorists? How can we counter this new age of terrorism? Perhaps most crucially, is the Dark Net all Dark?

Read this report to learn more about the Dark Net, as well as what terrorists are doing with the Dark Net and how are they accessing the platform. Measures to track terrorist currencies, as well as counter Dark Net terrorism, all may lead one to think that the Dark Net is a Wild Wild West of terrorism. But where there is darkness, there is also light. Despite the clear uses of the Dark Net for nefarious purposes, a question remains: is the Dark Net all dark or is the war against these illicit uses of this platform harming benign actors too? Read the document below.

Going Darker: Challenge of Dark Net Terrorism by The Wilson Center on Scribd

About the Author

Gabriel Weimann

Gabriel Weimann

Former Public Policy Fellow;
Professor of Communication, University of Haifa, Israel.
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