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Siqi Han

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The pork industry in China accounts for 65 percent of domestic meat consumption, but also produces 1.29 billion metric tons of waste every year. China’s growing appetite for meat has put tremendous pressure on the livestock sector, which now produces three times more waste than industrial sources, and created a series of environmental and food safety issues.

The China Environment Forum’s latest infographic gives a preview of the environmental dynamics at play in China’s pork industry. The upcoming China Environment Series 13 will delve even deeper into the pig production conundrum, and, in conjunction with the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, we will also be screening What’s for Dinner? at the Wilson Center on March 19, which explores the consequences of increasing levels of meat consumption in China.

As part of our ongoing effort to bring our research and publications to a wider audience, the China Environment Forum will regularly release infographics on environment, energy, and water issues in China. Stay tuned!

Sources: National Bureau of Statistics of China, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Image Credit: Siqi Han/China Environment Forum.

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