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Haleh Esfandiari

Women, Information Technology, and Human Development
Mahnaz Afkhami

Zanan: Trials and Successes of a Feminist Magazine in Iran
Roza Eftekhari

The Art of Female Publishing
Mansoureh Ettehadieh

Is Reformist Politics Good for Iranian Women?
Farideh Farhi

From Program to Practice:Towards Women’s Meaningful and Effective Political Participation in Jordan and Lebanon
Laurie King-Irani

Feminism and Politics in the Maghreb and their Impact on the Family
Lilia Labidi

Does the Future for Central Asian Women Lie in the Past? An Overview of Current Gender Trends in the Region
Kathleen Kuehnast

The Female Educational Experience in Iran: A Paradox of Tradition and Modernity
Golnar Mehran

Globalization and Women in the Middle East
Valentine M. Moghadam

The Phenomenology of an Experience: On Setting up a Women’s Center at Tehran University
Jaleh Shadi-Talab

The Women’s Movement in Egypt: Initiatives in Legal, Electoral, and NGO Activism
Diane Singerman

Women and Civil Society in Palestine
Philippa Strum

Women’s NGOs as Agents of Change in Iran
Sussan Tahmasebi

“Islamic Feminism:” Perils and Promises
Nayereh Tohidi


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