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Thinking Canada | Canada's Prime Ministerial Housing Crisis

Thinking Canada Volume 2 Issue 1 Cover
Thinking Canada Volume 2 Issue 1 Cover

24 Sussex Drive, official residence of the prime minister of Canada, has fallen into a state of severe disrepair. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau elected not to live in 24 Sussex following the start of his premiership in 2015, and the property was officially closed in 2022 due to its poor condition. In the first issue of Thinking Canada's second volume, Global Fellow Roy Norton explores the history of 24 Sussex, opines on reasons for its deterioration over the past eight decades, and draws comparisons between the property and other residences for heads of government around the world.

About the Author

Roy Norton

Roy Norton

Global Fellow;
Fellow, Balsillie School of International Affairs/Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
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