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Warming Up a Cooling War: An Introductory Guide on the CIAS and Other Globally Operating Anti-communist Networks at the Beginning of the Cold War Decade of Détente

In CWIHP Working Paper #75, Torben Gülstorff examines the history of the CIAS (Comité international d’Information et d’Action Sociale), an international, anti-communist network that became a central component of the global anti-communist movement after 1945. Focusing on the period between 1957 and 1965, the paper highlights the unique global nature of CIAS and the role they played in supporting anti-communist domestic and foreign policies of their respective home governments.

Torben Gülstorff received his Ph.D in History from Humboldt-Universität Berlin. His thesis was titled Trade follows Hallstein? German activities in the Central African region during the 'Second Scramble.' Gülstorff has conducted research in the Political Archives of the Foreign Office in Berlin, Federal Archives in Berlin, the Archive of Social Democracy in Bonn, and the State Archives in Vienna, among others.


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Torben Gülstorff

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