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The North Korea International Documentation Project serves as an informational clearinghouse on North Korea for the scholarly and policymaking communities, disseminating documents on the DPRK from its former communist allies that provide valuable insight into the actions and nature of the North Korean state. It is part of the Wilson Center's History and Public Policy Program.

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Scholars and policymakers are too often hampered by a distinct lack of reliable information about the North Korean leadership and political system. With no history of diplomatic relations or robust communication with Pyongyang, it is difficult for Western policymakers, journalists, and academics to understand the forces and intentions behind North Korea's enigmatic actions.

In cooperation with the University of North Korean Studies/Kyungnam University (Seoul) and an international network of researchers, the North Korea International Documentation Project (NKIDP) provides access to both original and translated archival documents on the DPRK. The NKIDP has published troves of materials through an award-winning Digital Archive on topics such as the Korean War, the North Korean nuclear program, the DPRK's relations with China and the Soviet Union/Russia, and inter-Korean ties.

The North Korea International Documentation Project was founded with the initial support of the Korea Foundation.