With the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan winding down, and responsibility shifting to Afghan security forces, Michael Kugelman provides insight into what to expect. Does Iraq provide an example? Or are their enough differences between the two to suggest a different outcome? And what are the regional implications of a decreased U.S. presence? How will Afghanistan’s relationships with Pakistan and India be effected? 

About Michael Kugelman
Michael Kugelman is senior program associate for South and Southeast Asia at the Woodrow Wilson Center, where he is responsible for research, programming, and publications on South and Southeast Asia. His most recent work has focused on Pakistan's 2013 elections, India-Pakistan relations, U.S.-Pakistan relations, and security challenges in India. He has published op-eds, commentaries, and blog posts in the New York Times, Foreign Policy, Bloomberg View, Politico, CNN.com, Al Jazeera, The National Interest, The Diplomat, Huffington Post, World Politics Review, Dawn, Express Tribune, Times of India, Indian Express, and Asia Times Online. He has been interviewed by or quoted in numerous major media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Guardian, National Geographic, Christian Science Monitor, International Business Times, CNN, National Public Radio, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, and Voice of America.