A highlight of the Asian University for Women (AUW) Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) Institute led by Dr. Rangita de Silva de Alwis, Director of the Global Women's Leadership Initiative at the Wilson Center, was that the students created Action Plans to implement in their home countries. Students were asked to select one of the urgent topics discussed at the Institute and work in teams to contextualize shared strategies. They used those strategies to develop concrete plans to combat the various critical areas impacting women and children. These plans will be put into operation by the students post- WPSP Institute.

The proposed plans were presented by the students on the closing day of the WPSP. Their remarkable proposals included training programs in women's shelters, social media campaigns to raise awareness of  sexual harassment violations, improved education for young girls, social entrepreneurship strategies, and many more.

As one student said about the plans, "From battling the marginalization of the Ahmedis in Pakistan, and setting up comprehensive programs in Afghan boy’s and girl’s schools to create a gender sensitive society, to the writing of an illustrated children’s book to raise sensitivity about the lives of domestic workers in Bangladesh – the projects were truly extraordinary claims to a better future which the participants dream of."

Read all twelve Action Plans on the attached pdf.

About the AUW WPSP Institute

The AUW Institute constitutes a 3-week public service and leadership training program dedicated to strategy and solutions for the most pressing societal concerns and the public sector roles the women of Asia will take on in tackling them. The workshops enable the participants to focus not only on Big Ideas, but also on the most effective ways to implement them through governmental institutions. Ten Afghan student participants join 30 exceptional AUW students.