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Kahina Bouagache

Guest Speaker

    Professional affiliation

    Women's rights activist, and corporate and international lawyer

    Full Biography

    Kahina Bouagache is a Senior Legal Adviser, North Africa Specialist and Maghreb expert. She is a women’s rights activist and member of the “Women Legal Group”, providing pro-bono support for women’s right NGO’s, International law firms, asylum seekers and advises on issues related to women and children’s rights in the MENA region. She also trains lawyers on how to better use existing laws and commercial regulations related to women’s rights, working in partnership with members of parliament as well as CSOs to improve legislation and judicial reforms for women’s rights development. She also trains youth on capacity building and communication.

    She was a an AMIDEAST contractor for over seven years for Algeria and Morocco and worked on promoting youth education for State Department funded projects. She held political positions at both the national and international level. Prior to that, she served for over five years as a legal adviser and program manager for the American Bar Association (ABA), working closely with the Algerian & Moroccan Judicial Training Center as well as with the Ministry of Justice in both countries. She managed to put together the first memorandum of understanding between the Algerian Judiciary Training Centrer and the ABA for a long-term cooperation in judicial reforms emphasizing women’s rights under the family Law and strengthening the capacity building of different Bar Associations and Judges.

    She was a coordinator for AMIDEAST programs in Tunisia and Algeria for over 2 years bringing together young professionals from the MENA by organizing training and grant opportunities, and conferences on education, women, business and politics.