Stockholm, Sweden –CEF Director Jennifer Turner delivered a Choke Point (water-energy-food nexus) China talk at World Water Week in Stockholm. The Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum and Circle of Blue co-hosted the session, Global Choke Point: On the Front Lines of the Water Food Energy Crisis.

In her talk, Turner provided an overview of China’s water-energy-food choke points and how the problem is threatening food security and safety in the world’s most populous country. She discussed China’s reliance on coal, which produces 70 percent of the country’s electricity but uses 20 percent of the nation’s water and is a source of severe air pollution.

However, she emphasized that the choke points China faces are not just China’s problems but have global linkages. “We are all connected with choke points that are happening in China…25 percent of China’s electricity goes to make products for export,” said Turner.

Please view the talk here.

  •  CEF Director Jennifer Turner speaks on Choke Point China (53:11-01:23:00)