CWIHP is pleased to announce the publication of the conference transcript and report from "Moles, Defectors, and Deceptions: James Angleton and His Influence on US Counterintelligence," a joint conference held by the Wilson Center and the Georgetown University Center for Peace & Security Studies. The conference examined Angleton's legacy as counterintelligence chief at the CIA, a subject still being keenly and passionately debated even forty years after his reign.

Historians and former intelligence personnel including Tennent Bagley, Carl Colby, Edward Epstein, Ronald Kessler, Barry Royden, Loch Johnson, Oleg Kalugin, David Martin, Randall Woods, John Prados, David Robarge and David Wise discussed the influence that James Angleton had on counterintelligence, and continues to have today. The conference featured a keynote presentation by Christopher Andrew, author of The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5.

The conference report, in .PDF format, can be downloaded here.