With daunting growth, military capabilities and a GDP that could overtake the U.S. in about four years, China is growing at a rate that even its own government attempts to slow, said J. Stapleton Roy, former ambassador to China and Director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at the Woodow Wilson Center.

At an event discussing United States relations with China Feb. 9, groups of Chinese teachers, the vice president of Walt Disney Parks and leaders in the Chapman community were among the attendees that filled nearly every seat in the Sandhu Conference Center to hear Roy.

He said a peaceful relationship between China and the United States is the only way to avoid economic collapse for the interdependent countries. However, the underlying problem lies in the countries' governments.

"Our problem with China is reversible and the political system is not working to reverse it," Roy said.

Although the two nations pose potential threats to each other, especially with China's swelling military defense, Roy calls for the countries to make the most of their interdependent relationship.

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