The History and Public Policy Program is pleased to welcome Dr. Enrico Fardella, Beijing University, and Dr. Ruud van Dijk, University of Amsterdam, to the Wilson Center.

Dr. Enrico Farfella is currently Bairen Jihua Research Fellow at the History Department of Beijing University (北京大学百人计划研究员), Research Associate at the Torino World Affairs Institute (TWAI) and Research Scholar of the Machiavelli Center for Cold War Studies (CIMA). Enrico worked from 2010 to 2012 as Fellow at the Science & Technology China Program of the European Commission(欧盟科技人才培训项目)a pilot program of the EU for research in China. He received his PhD in History of International relations at the University of Florence and finished his post-doc at Peking University (PKU). His fields of interests are: History of International Relations, Cold War Studies, History of Sino-American and Sino-European relations and Chinese foreign policy. He joins HAPP as a East China Normal University (ECNU) Wilson Center Scholar.

While at the Center, Dr. Fardella's research project aims to shed new light on Sino-European relations during the Cold War. The first stage of the project focuses on the collection of a conspicuous amount of new archival sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of several European countries and China and a set of innovative oral accounts by some of the crucial diplomatic actors active at that time. In the second stage the project aims to translate, select and critically elaborate the archival and oral sources collected. It will then include them in a volume that should contribute to a new interpretation of Sino-European relations in those crucial years,

Dr. Ruud van Dijk is the coordinator of the BA and MA programs in the history of international relations at the University of Amsterdam. He presented at his first Cold War International History Project conference in 1994. His Ph.D. (1999) is from Ohio University, where he wrote a dissertation on the East-West contest over Germany in the early Cold War. He holds MA degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Amsterdam.

Dr. van Dijk's research project at the Wilson Center utilizes newly released archival materials from the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, and other countries, to analyze the Dutch role in the Euromissile Crisis of the late Cold War. It focuses on internal Dutch debates, allied responses to Dutch reservations about NATO's deployment plans, and the role of the anti-nuclear or peace movement in the Netherlands.