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iCancerFree: Breast Self-Exam

December 12, 2016

About the project

Don Perry is the inventor of this self-examination device. He works with a team that is highly committed to the fight against breast cancer. Funding for the project is still open at the crowdfunding platform Source:

“iCancerFree’s mission is to get a breast self exam device in the hands of every woman to give each of them a fighting chance against breast cancer.”


How Does It Work?

iCancerFree is an early detection self-exam device that consists of two polyurethane layers around a non-toxic fluid. The device improves the user's ability to feel the breast structure by creating "sensory touch magnification.”

Inventors claim that using it is like having a magnifying glass for the fingers.


iCancerfree has received many endorsements from health professionals, the White House and the U.S. Congress. This early detection device is already saving lives.

“I am sure I’m alive today because of the pad,” Alice says, “If I could, I’d give one to every woman I know.”