The Kennan Institute is pleased to announce the recipients of our new alumni support grants. These grants are designed to support continuing research, publications, conferences, and other policy relevant scholarly work and career development. A full description of the Alumni Grant Program can be found at:

This first group of grants include the following projects:

Anton Barbashin, support of Riddle, an online-journal on Russian foreign and domestic affairs

Thomas Bremer, travel and research for a new book on the relationship between the Russian church and state titled, “Russian Orthodoxy and the State - A Complex Relationship”

Lee Farrow, travel and research for a new book on the conflict between Russia’s minister to the United States, Constantin Catacazy, and administration of President Ulysses Grant, 1869-1872

Nina Jankowicz, travel and research for a forthcoming monograph on Russian disinformation

Arbakhan Magomedov, travel support for a field research project titled, “Rising Voice of Northern Indigenous People in Context of Growing Pressure of Russian Nationalism”

Elena Nosenko-Stein, research support for a publication and study of disability issues in post-Soviet Russia

Irina Olimpieva, research support for an academic publication titled, “Trade Unions and Labor Protest in Putin's Russia: the Evolution of Labor Movement After 2000”

Aaron Rhodes, research and travel support for a book project titled, “Human Rights and the Decline of Gloablism”

Nataliya Rostova, research and logistical support for a multimedia website titled, “Heyday of the Russian Media: The Yeltsin Era (1992-1999)”

Gulnara Shaikhutdinova, research support for a monograph titled, “Russian Federalism under Putin: No Way Forward?”

Nail Usmanov, research and travel support for a study and subsequent publication titled, “The American Aid to Soviet Russia during the Great Famine of 1921-1923”

Sufian Zhemukov, research support for a book project titled, “A Path through the Mountains: Islam and Nationalism in the Caucasus”

Sergei Zhuk, travel and research support for a book project titled, “Soviet Ukraine and Capitalist America: Ukrainian National Identity in the Cultural Cold War 1954-1991”

As a reminder, we are accepting applications for alumni grants on a rolling basis ( Please email any questions or application materials to