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The Latest in Jordan

James F. Jeffrey

Quote from Ambassador James Jeffrey, Chair of the Middle East Program.

"Further details are coming out on the detention of Jordan’s Prince Hamzah, half brother to King Abdullah, on charges including undermining the State’s security. Foreign Minister Safadi has been the main public voice on the incident, signaling that the Kingdom wants to ascribe the threat to one or more foreign powers.

Two former officials associated with Saudi Arabia have also been accused, but Riyadh, unusually quickly, publicly supported King Abdullah despite years of cool Jordanian-Saudi relations. Jordanians have suspicions also concerning an Israeli with alleged ties to Mossad and Eric Prince. The latter was involved in a major incident concerning diverting excess Jordanian helicopters to Libya recently.  

All this said, we do not anticipate either a serious international incident nor any sustained risk to Jordan’s stability. Jordan has weathered a bad COVID and economic situation with significant public protests of late, and has been sidelined by the Abraham Accords, but remains a solid player in the region generally."

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James F. Jeffrey

James F. Jeffrey

Chair of the Middle East Program, Slater Family Distinguished Fellow;
Former ambassador to Iraq and Turkey, and Special Envoy to the Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS
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