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James F. Jeffrey

Chair of the Middle East Program, Slater Family Distinguished Fellow


    July 1, 2021 — September 30, 2024

    Professional affiliation

    Former ambassador to Iraq and Turkey, and Special Envoy to the Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS
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    Full Biography

    Ambassador James F. Jeffrey joined the Wilson Center in December 2020 as Chair of the Middle East Program. Ambassador Jeffrey served as the Secretary’s Special Representative for Syria Engagement and the Special Envoy to the Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS until November 8, 2020. He is a senior American diplomat with experience in political, security, and energy issues in the Middle East, Turkey, Germany, and the Balkans.

    He has held senior assignments in Washington, DC, and abroad, including as Deputy National Security Advisor (2007–2008); United States Ambassador to Iraq (2010–2012); United States Ambassador to Turkey (2008–2010); and United States Ambassador to Albania (2002–2004). In 2010 Jeffrey was appointed to the highest rank in the US Foreign Service, Career Ambassador. From 1969 to 1976, Jeffrey was a US Army infantry officer, with service in Germany and Vietnam.

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