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Reforming The Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act and Aid to Pakistan

December 7, 2011
Mirza Jahani

No one disputes the strategic importance of the relationship between Pakistan and the United States. Similarly, there is also recognition of the tensions and differences that must be navigated to make the relationship work for both sides. The Kerry-Lugar-Berman (KLB) Act, signed into law by President Obama more than 2 years ago, was intended to have a positive impact on the equation. But the U.S. civilian assistance program funded by the act is now under fire in both countries. The Wilson Center's Asia Program convened a working group to reevaluate the aid program and recently released its findings in a report that calls for significant changes. Read the full report.

For further insight, we spoke with one of the members of working group, Mirza Jahani. Mr. Jahani is Chief Executive Officer of the Aga Khan Foundation USA, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network. Previously he served as the foundation's CEO in the UK, East Africa, and Tajikistan.

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