In this edition of Wilson Center NOW Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne discusses the growing skills gaps in the United States and North America that are already hampering economic performance and competitiveness.  Ambassador Wayne also proposes solutions to better prepare the workforce for more automation and the technology-driven jobs of tomorrow.


Earl Anthony Wayne served in a wide variety of positions during his career, including as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and Argentina, Deputy Ambassador in Afghanistan, Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe.  “Tony” has successfully led complex organizations and teams in Washington and overseas, working to develop and implement policies involving countries around the world to solve problems and create opportunities across economic, political, security and public diplomacy issues.  Wayne left the State Department in late 2015 as a Career Ambassador, the most senior U.S. diplomatic rank. 


John Milewski is the executive producer and managing editor of Wilson Center NOW and also serves as director of Wilson Center ON DEMAND digital programming.