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Who's Telling Our Story: Report Studies Pakistani Women in Media

The culmination of a large scale project investigating the role of women in the media in Pakistan, Uks has launched the report "Who's Telling Our Story" to explore the issues raised by their findings. Asia Program Director Robert Hathaway contributed a message of support.

Who's Telling Our Story: a special report by UKS
A special report by Uks

The women's advocacy group Uks has completed a two year research project on the role of women in the media in Pakistan.  Its findings may be accessed in "Who's Telling Our Story," which was recently released and is now available online.  In addition to detailed research into the representation of women, Uks also has revised its Gender Sensitive Code of Ethics, hoping to encourage both print and electronic media to voluntarily adopt these guidelines.

Robert Hathaway, director of the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center, authored an "international message" of support for the project, stressing the need for change in Pakistan in regards to women’s rights. "Breaking down gender barriers and empowering its women are essential tasks if Pakistan is to succeed."  Hathaway calls the report "required reading" for Pakistan's political leadership.

Uks, an Asia Program partner on earlier projects on women and the Pakistani media, is a group dedicated to gender equality and women's development that promotes neutral, unbiased, and balanced attitudes towards women in the media.  It was founded in 1997/ more information can be found at their website.


Robert Hathaway

Robert Hathaway

Global Fellow, Director Emeritus,
Former Director, Asia Program, Woodrow Wilson Center; Former Public Policy Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center
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