“Why Promoting Tolerance and Inclusion in Europe is in the U.S. Interest,” a Wilson Center policy brief by former Public Policy Scholar Spencer P. Boyer, demonstrates the relevance of diversity politics in Europe and its importance to the transatlantic relationship.  The evolving debate across Europe about how to manage growing diversity effectively is often met with a backlash against the notion that Europe should openly embrace these demographic changes. There is no dearth of examples of European states struggling to find a balance between preserving valued traditions and incorporating those with different backgrounds and beliefs. As the Obama administration and Congress negotiate competing priorities in a time of constrained budgets, supporting and strengthening U.S. efforts to manage diversity effectively in Europe should be a top concern for both our traditional government-to-government diplomacy, as well as our direct engagement with European populations. This is not just valuable for Europe. It is also crucial for the United States and the future of transatlantic relations. 

The full text of the policy brief can be downloaded below.