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Wilson Center Launches Woldenberg Initiative on Building Trust in America’s Supply Chains

Woodrow Wilson Center Memorial Hallway
Woodrow Wilson Center Memorial Hallway

Contact: Ryan McKenna
Phone: 202-691-4217


WASHINGTON –The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is pleased to announce a generous gift from Jorge and Tammara Woldenberg of Corpac Group and Visualogyx to create the Woldenberg Initiative on Building Trust in America’s Supply Chains. This initiative will focus on the applications of technology (such as blockchain and inspection management software) and governance structures to increase reliability and security of supply chains and reduce existing vulnerabilities. The initiative will be run by the Office of Vice President for Strategy and New Initiatives, Duncan Wood, PhD.

Jorge Woldenberg is a member of the Wilson Center’s Global Advisory Council (GAC) and a passionate supporter of research into the public policy dimensions of US foreign economic relations. “We are honored to partner with the Wilson Center to find innovative technologies to build trust in supply chains while safeguarding against risks.  We believe that next-gen technologies can help set a new global standard for Product Authenticity, Provenance Analytics and KYP (Know Your Product).”

This generous investment will fund new research and writing on supply chain management and ensure an ongoing dialogue on an issue at the heart of public policy debates in Washington and across the United States.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Jorge and Tammy Woldenberg to improve upon the Wilson Center’s supply chains research and analysis. As we all look for ways to strengthen America’s critical supply chains, it is vital that we learn lessons from the impact of the pandemic. This includes ensuring that America’s supply chain needs are not dependent upon unstable and rogue actors overseas,” said Ambassador Mark Green, Wilson Center President and CEO.