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Wilson Quarterly Fall 2022 Edition | As Strong as Our Weakest Link: Strengthening global supply chains in a rapidly changing world

WASHINGTON – As an era of hyper-globalization and complex global supply chains confronts multiple global events—the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and multiple weather related catastrophes—supply chain vulnerabilities have become increasingly clear as they upend individual lives, US and global economies, and everything in-between. For American business, the priority was how to source goods and services at the lowest cost. World events have accelerated a focus on trust and reliability. For governments, disruptions in the supply chain have jeopardized food and health security, and the need to transition to a greener economy is increasingly dependent on critical minerals largely available in remote or unstable areas of the world. Consumers have fewer options and growing uncertainties that are making it harder to find food, cars, medicines, and other products that fit the budget.

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“There are few issues equally as complex as they are vital to our daily lives as global supply chains. Every expert we spoke with says supply chains challenges will persist,” says Stephanie Bowen, editor of the Wilson Quarterly. “Our latest issue highlights these complexities alongside innovative solutions through the use of original photography, skilled storytelling, and thoughtful analysis.”

Drawing on the impressive work of Wilson Center scholars and programs, and its network of journalists and industry leaders, the Wilson Quarterly establishes current supply chain thinking and highlights streams of innovation that suggest a better path ahead to help policymakers in this defining moment in history.

In this issue:

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