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Conversations with Zhou Enlai: The Collection Continues to Grow

The Cold War International History Project has just translated and published 25 of Zhou Enlai's conversations with other world leaders, including Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, and Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The documents, obtained years ago from the now highly restrictive Chinese Foreign Ministry Archives, offer an intimate portrait of the PRC’s foreign relations during the Sino-Soviet split and in the lead up to the Cultural Revolution. Although formally declassified, they are no longer accessible in Beijing. A full list of the new translations is included below, and is organized by country/region and in chronological order.

Many more documents from the Foreign Ministry Archives will be translated and published in the coming months, thanks to the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation. The documents will be freely accessible on the Chinese Foreign Policy Database, a part of the Wilson Center’s Digital Archive.

North Korea:



Soviet Union:


Egypt (United Arab Republic):


The PLO:



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