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March 20, 2013 News

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Continue reading for news including stories about the confirmed killing of a French hostage by AQIM, Swaziland illegally selling its government food aid, Robert Mugabe's attendance at the papal inauguration in Rome, the rising tensions in Kenya post-election cycle, Prime Minister Odinga's dismissal of minister's resignation attempts, the implications of Julius Malema losing his own farm, and the U.S. attempts to ensure the safe transfer of Bosco Ntaganda to the Hague.

Terrorisme : Aqmi affirme avoir exécuté un otage français
A spokesman, allegedly from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM),  has announced to the private agency ANI information (Mauritania) that the French hostage, Philippe Verdon, was executed on March 10. Paris does not confirm.
To read the full article, visit "Jeune Afrique" here

Swaziland: Swazi Government Sells Food Aid
"Swaziland's government has sold maize donated by the Japanese government to feed hungry Swazis for US$3 million and deposited the money in the Central Bank of Swaziland."
To read the full article, visit "AllAfrica News" here

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Attends Pope's Inauguration in Rome
"President Robert Mugabe was in Italy on Tuesday for the inauguration mass for Pope Francis, bypassing a travel ban imposed by the European Union, which does not apply to the Vatican City state."
To read the full article, visit "AllAfrica News" here

Kenya in transition dilemma over election petition
"Confusion surrounds Kenya government operations in the wake of a petition challenging the presidential election results after senior state operatives differed over key transition issues."
To read the full article, visit "The East African" here

Raila opposes call for ministers to resign
"Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dismissed calls by Head of Civil Service Francis Kimemia for elected cabinet ministers to resign and termed the move as unconstitutional."
To read the full article, visit "The Standard" here

Julius Malema and the death of hope"Julius Malema's failure to hang on to his own farm might finally have sunk his reputation - and an important lightning rod with it."
To read the full article, visit "Mail and Guardian" here

US trying to get Ntaganda to the Hague safely
"The US is working towards giving Bosco Ntaganda, holed up in the country's embassy in Rwanda, safe passage to the International Criminal Court."
To read the full article, visit "Mail and Guardian" here

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