Two-way and peer- to-peer mentoring is at the heart of the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) at the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative (GWLI) and an important cornerstone for the sustainability of the GWLI. Our transnational mentoring program ensures that our Institutes and initiatives endure long after participants return to their communities and countries. Our continuing conversations and strategic mentoring carefully match participants with transnational mentors based on region and professional background. The GWLI creates an agenda and moderates the conversation targeted at advancing the key initiatives of our women in public service around the world.

GWLI sustains the momentum built at WPSP Institutes through extensive mentoring and relationship building which includes engaging WPSP delegates at academic conferences, recommending academic programs and sponsorships, and providing references for our participants to programs around the world. We have also supported our graduates’ applications to new positions and university programs and supported advancements in their careers. GWLI’s continued technical assistance to WPSP participants’ law and policy making initiatives forms the bedrock of our mentoring program.