Dr. Nyo Nyo Thinn, a delegate at the Inaugural Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) Summer Institute at Wellesley College, presented her plan on Proportional Representation (PR) in the Yangon Parliament in Myanmar on July 19, 2012. Thinn researched PR systems around the world before presenting to her parliament.

Thinn also led a seminar for parliamentarians in Asia and Europe in NePi Daaw from September 2-5 with all speakers at the seminar coming from Burma, a first for a conference in Myanmar.

Thinn is heading the Human Rights Violations by Police and reports to the Yangon Parliament. The final reports go to Aung San Suu Kyi who heads the Rule of Law Commission. In August, Thinn asked in the Yangon Parliament questions about corruption at the local government level. Because of her inquiries, 72 officials were charged with corruption.