One of the most distinguished figures in twentieth-century American politics, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was at the center of virtually every major political issue of his day, offering a distinct voice unique in its prescience, scholarliness, and statesmanlike manner. The contributors to this career-spanning assessment knew Moynihan as teacher, scholar, and colleague, and they use their diverse interactions with him to paint a picture of an extraordinary thinker with many areas of intellectual concern: social policy, international relations, public works, race relations, and government secrecy. In addition, the essayists explore Moynihan’s role as a devoted public servant, from his experience in four successive presidential administrations through his time as ambassador and senator from New York.


Foreword (2004 edition)
Susan Henshaw Jones

Remembering Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Robert A. Katzmann

Charles Blitzer

Chapter One: Introduction—The Intellectual in Public Life: A Tribute to Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Robert A. Katzmann

Part One: Ideas
Chapter Two: Daniel P. Moynihan on Ethnicity
Nathan Glazer
Chapter Three: The Prescient Politician
Seymour Martin Lipset
Chapter Four: Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Epidemiologist
Nicholas N. Eberstadt
Chapter Five: Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the Fall and Rise of Public Works
Robert A. Peck
Chapter Six: Daniel Patrick Moynihan on Secrecy
Robert A. Katzmann

Part Two: Office
Chapter Seven: The Federal Executive
Stephen Hess
Chapter Eight: The American Ambassador
Suzanne R. Garment
Chapter Nine: A Renaissance Man in the Senate
Michael Barone
Chapter Ten: The Third Branch
Richard K. Eaton

Part Three: The Man
Chapter Eleven: Wit and Wisdom: Moynihan and Meet the Press
Tim Russert
Chapter Twelve: A Colleague’s Perspective
Bill Bradley
Chapter Thirteen: Pat
James Q. Wilson

Appendix A: Biographical Facts: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Appendix B: A Selected Annotated Bibliography of the Writings of Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Michael J. Lacey

Addendum, 2004
Appendix C: Major Senate Achievements 


“A deeper appreciation for Moynihan’s worth emerges from the essays.… The essayists themselves are a remarkable group and did not settle for easy encomiums. They take on different aspects of Moynihan’s career with enough seriousness and lively writing to give this volume lasting value. Readers who think they understand Moynihan’s public career are sure to find another dimension of it here. Such a book truly honors its subject.”—Foreign Affairs

“A probing, while highly celebratory, compilation of essays about Moynihan from authors in fields as diverse as Moynihan’s accomplishments.… This Festschrift will admirably serve those who seek to chronicle or perhaps emulate [Moynihan’s] career.”—Jeffrey O’Connell and Richard F. Bland, Public Interest

“Even Moynihan’s critics concede that he has carved out quite a career as academic, public servant, and elected official.… This volume displays his eclectic accomplishments.”—Mary Carroll, Booklist