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“…each paper is excellent, equally insightful about ‘moral inquiry’ in general and in the particular discipline discussed.”—The Virginia Quarterly Review

Chapter List

1. Pragmatism, Science, and Moral Inquiry

2. Political Theory and Moral Responsibility

3. Moral Inquiry Within the Bounds of Politics: A Question of Victimhood

4. Moral Confidence: Three Cheers for Naturalized Ethics

5. Fighting (over) Words: Speech, Power, and the Moral Imagination in American History

6. ‘Of the Standard of Moral Taste’: Literary Criticism as Moral Inquiry

7. The Moral Force Field of Haitian Vodou

8. Snakes Alive: Resituating the Moral in the Study of Religion

9. Social Science and the Noral Revival: Dilemmas and Difficulties

10. Religion, Morality, and Other Unmentionables: The Revival of Moral Discourse in the Law

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