Border Security & Migration

Mexico Institute in the News: Security gains in the border region seem tenuous at best according to a study by the Woodrow Wilson Center

Aug 28, 2012
This article references a report released by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute. The report will be published in this fall as a chapter in the forthcoming State of the Border Report.

Mexico Institute in the News: U.S. and Mexican border mayors meet in San Diego

Aug 27, 2012
A group of border mayors who met in San Diego on Friday called for nontraditional financing, including public-private partnerships, to build badly needed border crossings in the face of limited federal funding. The Mexico Institute's Andrew Selee comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: U.S., Mexico ties examined at Sunnylands Estate

Jul 12, 2012
A private, three-day retreat for top U.S. and Mexican dignitaries held at the Sunnylands Estate in March has led to new proposals to improve relations between the neighboring countries.The new Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands released those recommendations Wednesday in a report with the Washington, D.C.-based Wilson Center.

Mexico Institute in the News: Immigrant integration: Mexicans and the U.S. melting pot

Jul 10, 2012
The integration (once called assimilation) of foreigners into the United States is a long-standing issue. Some fear that today’s immigrants aren’t integrating into U.S. culture and society as past waves did. Mexicans—the largest single group today with some twelve million immigrants—in particular are seen as guilty of maintaining their distance...

Mexico Institute in the News: Questions at the border

Jun 12, 2012
THE border between America and Mexico is perhaps best known for the illegal trade and people passing though it. But the growth in legitimate things crossing over is the far bigger story. Last year the value of bilateral trade reached half a trillion dollars by one measure, without any fanfare at all. But a stiffening of controls since 9/11 has led to congestion and unpredictable delays that cost both countries billions of dollars a year in trade, according to a report* released this month. The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Panel: U.S.-Mexico border issues hinder economic opportunities

Jun 05, 2012
The U.S.-Mexico border holds a huge opportunity for increased trade and job creation, but it has become increasingly difficult to develop those opportunities since 2000, experts said Friday. The Mexico Institute's Christopher Wilson comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Babeu criticized for rush to tie case to lax border

Jun 05, 2012
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was quick to blame Mexican cartels for the grisly deaths of five people in a case that Tempe law-enforcement authorities are convinced is a murder-suicide unrelated to the bloody drug war south of the border. The Mexico Institute's Eric L. Olson comments.

Mexico Institute in the News: Despite Calls for Fencing-In the Border, U.S. Sticks with Surveillance and Comms on Southwest Borders

Mar 22, 2012
The U.S. continues with an border security approach that does not include building a physical wall.

Mexico Institute in the News: A New Strategy on the Border

Mar 13, 2012
US Border Patrol implements new strategy to secure the border, even though there are critics against it.

Journey Summary:Traveling the Texas-Mexico Border

Feb 21, 2012
Senior Associate, Eric Olson, and Associate, Chris Wilson, recently traveled the length of the Texas-Mexico border, beginning in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez and ending in Brownsville/Matamoros.

Mexico Institute in the News: With Stake in Stability, Businesses in Mexico Help City Shaken by Violence

Jan 11, 2012
Three Mexico Institute Board Members were featured in a New York Times story highlighting the commitment of the business community in Monterrey, Mexico to help recruit vetted police forces, build confidence in state law enforcement institutions, and ensure stability and safety in Mexico’s industrial capital.