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The Transatlantic Writers’ Group is an initiative organized in partnership with the Wilson Center’s Global Europe Program.

The group seeks to create a supportive group of emerging thinkers to:

  1. share ideas for policy writing projects focused on transatlantic relations and intended for public audiences (op-eds, analysis, academic research); 
  2. peer edit drafts of writing projects; 
  3. develop relationships with other like-minded emerging writers and leaders;
  4. create mutual connections with editors and publication outlets. 

Details and membership criteria:

  • The group is for writers aged 20-35 currently writing on transatlantic issues, broadly defined. 
  • Members will be selected in consultation with program administrators of capital-area international affairs programs, and through open applications via this form. Membership decisions will ultimately be the decision of the organizers, based primarily on the quality of submitted writing samples. A resumé or particular academic degree is not required.
  • The  group is limited to a maximum of 15 members. Membership conveys no affiliation with the Wilson Center or any other entity.
  • A current, demonstrated interest in writing for a public audience is a prerequisite for joining the group. Members will commit to being active participants in virtual, and, where possible, in-person group discussions, to be held every 3 weeks; read and comment on drafts of others’ writing projects; and contribute their own drafts for discussion at least once every 2 months.
  • Projects can be op-eds, other analytical pieces, or excerpts/drafts of longer policy papers or book chapters; can be work-related projects or writing projects pursued independently of the member’s primary professional affiliation. 
  • Membership provides members with: a supportive community of like-minded peers to share tips, refine pitches to outlets, facilitate introductions to editors, and to navigate the policy writing and publishing worlds in Washington, DC. and beyond; an opportunity to publish through the Wilson Center’s Global Europe Program and the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University.

The group explicitly welcomes members from diverse backgrounds and those traditionally under-represented in the study of transatlantic relations, including, but not limited to, authors of color, international students based in the United States or elsewhere, and writers focused on previously under-researched topics in transatlantic relations.