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Energy and Security Updates

Chapter Updates and Book Purchase Information

See the section which follows for information on the two editions of the book, Energy and Security. As this field is ever-changing with the moving tides of technology, markets, and geopolitics, various authors are updating specific chapters. You will find those chapter updates below.

Introduction Update

Chapter 1 Update: Global Energy Outlook

Chapter 3 Update: Gas: A New Hope?

Chapter 5 Update: Why History Won’t Repeat Itself for OPEC This Time Around

Chapter 8 Update: Russia and Eurasia

Chapter 10 Update: Iraq, Iran and the Gulf Region

Chapter 11 Update: Energy Security in the Mediterranean Region

Chapter 15 Update: North America

Chapter 16 Update: Latin America

Chapter 19 Update: Governance, Transparency and Sustainable Development

Chapter 20 Update: Managing Strategic Reserves

Chapter 21 Update: Energy, Environment and Climate: Framework and Tradeoffs

Chapter 22 Update: National Security and Climate Change

Conclusion Update: Energy, Security, and Foreign Policy

Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition is available for purchase through Johns Hopkins University Press.

 About the Book

For more than a century, energy and its procurement have been central to the U.S. position as a world power. How can new energy supplies advance both North American and global security? How can energy be used to counter growing instability in the Middle East? How can energy supplies be made more diverse and secure in Europe and Asia? What are our energy goals in other parts of the globe? And what steps can be taken to balance energy and climate in a low carbon world?

In 2005, the Woodrow Wilson Center Press published Energy and Security: Toward a New Foreign Policy Strategy in which editors Jan Kalicki and David Goldwyn brought together the topmost foreign policy and energy experts and leaders to examine these issues, as well as how the United States can mitigate the risks and dangers of continued energy dependence through a new strategic approach to foreign policy that integrates both U.S. energy and national security interests.

In 2013, a revised and updated version was published (pictured above), with a second printing in 2014. The completely updated edition of this widely read and respected guide is the most authoritative survey available on the perennial question of energy security. Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition gathers today’s topmost foreign policy and energy experts and leaders to assess how the United States can integrate its energy and national security interests. This edition offers fresh analysis and insight into

- The revolution in shale gas and oil
- New energy frontiers, from ultra deepwater to the Arctic
- The rising agenda of safety concerns across the energy complex
- Energy poverty
- Infrastructure for modernizing power grids
- Climate security in the current political and economic environment 

The contributors offer a lively discussion of the challenges and opportunities presented by these changes and how they affect national security and regional politics around the globe.

Jan H. Kalicki, former Counselor for International Strategy at Chevron, Commerce Department Counselor and White House NIS Ombudsman, is a Public Policy Fellow and energy lead at the Wilson Center. David L. Goldwyn, former Assistant Secretary of Energy for International Affairs and State Department Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, is President of Goldwyn Global Strategies, LLC.

For more information or questions, contact Jan H. Kalicki at