5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Book Launch: Building Resilient Communities in Mexico: Civic Responses to Crime and Violence

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The Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute and the University of San Diego’s Justice in Mexico Project presented the book, Building Resilient Communities in Mexico: Civic Responses to Crime and Violence, a new publication produced jointly by the Mexico Institute and the Justice in Mexico Project.

In light of recent concerns about the desperate measures taken by vigilantes and armed self defense groups in rural Mexico, this new book provides a timely effort to evaluate the constructive responses of Mexican society in the face of years of crime and violence, bringing together experts from the United States and Mexico to consider a variety of related issues:

• the role of journalists working to inform the public amid violent threats from corrupt officials and organized crime groups;

• lobbying efforts by legal scholars and activists promoting judicial sector reform;

• private sector firms and entrepreneurs organizing to demand improvements to public safety; and

• non-governmental organizations working with gangs and at-risk youth to create hope for a better future, among other efforts at the national and local level.

The full publication is available at this link.


  • Duncan Wood

    Director, Mexico Institute
  • David Shirk

    Global Fellow
    Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences, University of San Diego; Director, Trans-Border Institute, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego.
  • Octavio Rodriguez

    Program Coordinator of the Justice in Mexico Project, University of San Diego
  • Emily Edmonds-Poli

    Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of San Diego
  • Steven Dudley

    Former Fellow
    Co-Director, InSight Crime
  • Matthew C. Ingram

    Assistant Professor, University of Albany, SUNY
  • Daniel M. Sabet

    Senior Impact Evaluation Advisor at Social Impact