6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Book Launch | Under-Rewarded Efforts: The Elusive Quest for Prosperity in Mexico

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Why has an economy that has done so many things right failed to grow fast? Under-Rewarded Efforts: The Elusive Quest for Prosperity in Mexico traces Mexico's disappointing growth to flawed microeconomic policies that have suppressed productivity growth and nullified the expected benefits of the country's reform efforts. Fast growth will not occur doing more of the same or focusing on issues that may be key bottlenecks to productivity growth elsewhere, but not in Mexico. It will only result from inclusive institutions that effectively protect workers against risks, redistribute towards those in need, and simultaneously align entrepreneurs' and workers' incentives to raise productivity. For this transformation to take place, substantive changes to the country's tax, labor, and social insurance regimes are required.

Join us for a discussion with the author, Santiago Levy, and a panel of experts on the state of Mexico's economy and the country's potential for growth.



  • Bosco Martí

    Executive Director, Mexico and Dominican Republic, Inter-American Development Bank


  • Santiago Levy

    Vice President, Sectors and Knowledge, Inter-American Development Bank



  • Inés Bustillo

    Director, United Nations ECLAC, Washington Office
  • William Maloney

    Chief Economist, Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions, The World Bank