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Books at Wilson: Deterring Nuclear Terrorism

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Preventing a nuclear 9/11 hinges on foiling terrorist efforts to acquire the capability that would allow them to act on their intention. The countries of primary concern with respect to the transfer or theft of nuclear weapons—Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, and Iran—are all at inflection points.

In his new book, Deterring Nuclear Terrorism, Robert Litwak argues that effective strategies on the state level to prevent nuclear terrorism will not eliminate non-state threats, but will go far in achieving that objective.


"Robert Litwak's Deterring Nuclear Terrorism is a timely and important contribution to the study of both counterterrorism and non-proliferation. It provides a salutary reminder of the potentially catastrophic consequences of irresponsible nuclear-armed states making common cause with exceedingly violent non-state entities. At a time when lamentably little attention is being paid to this threat, Litwak has written a compelling analysis of the ultimate worst-case scenario and the practical policy measures that we can embark on today to enhance global security in the future."

-- Professor Bruce Hoffman, Director of Security Studies, Georgetown University

"Few people in the national security field think longer or deeper about serious foreign policy challenges than Robert Litwak.  Leveraging his past experience in the White House and years at a premier think tank in Washington, his analyses marry academic rigor with pragmatic policy prescriptions.  His latest monograph on nuclear terrorism focuses on an issue that seems ripped from a Hollywood thriller, but is actually an all-too-real and growing threat to global security.  All concerned Americans should want to read it; officials preparing for the next Administration need to read it.

-- Mitchell B. Reiss, former Director for Policy Planning, U.S. Department of State; President, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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