Brazil’s Crisis Intensifies and Enters Uncharted Territory | Wilson Center
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Brazil’s Crisis Intensifies and Enters Uncharted Territory

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The detention for questioning of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva by federal authorities investigating the Petrobras corruption scandal on March 4th, and fresh allegations linking president Dilma Rousseff directly to the case, have exacerbated the crisis that has paralyzed the country since her narrow reelection in October 2014 and revived the opposition campaign to impeach the embattled Brazilian leader. With the economy in free fall and tensions rising to a dangerous level, these developments are bound to fuel a new wave of street demonstrations called by friends and foes of the government and push the confrontation to unchartered territory as the country prepares to host the Rio Olympics in August.

On Friday March 11, the Brazil Institute will convene leading experts to assess the dramatic situation facing Latin America's largest democracy. The discussion will start with a presentation of a new opinion survey on public perceptions of the crisis, and an update on the nation’s deteriorating economy.