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Confronting the China Conundrum: Perspectives Beyond the United States

Date & Time

Sep. 16, 2021
9:00am – 10:30am ET


Tensions between the United States and China have only intensified in recent years, and wariness of Beijing has become one of the few issues that still garners bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. With great power competition expected to increase even further, Washington is turning to its allies and partners to strengthen efforts to push back against China’s economic coercion, violations of human rights, efforts to change the status quo in the Indo-Pacific, and infringements of the rule of law. Yet support for U.S. efforts in competing with China differs between countries as well as on issues. Under the shadow of an ever more aggressive China, both Japan and South Korea have publicly sided with the United States to reaffirm their joint security commitments to the region, including Taiwan. Yet Tokyo and Seoul diverge from Washington when it comes to defining the economic threat posed by Beijing. Meanwhile, Southeast Asian countries have a more ambiguous attitude towards both the United States and China amidst a reluctance to choose sides.

Please join us for a discussion on how competition between the United States and China is redefining the political, economic, and security landscape of the Indo-Pacific.

This event will be online only, the live webcast will be available on this page. You may submit questions for the speakers via the registration form, tagging @AsiaProgram on Twitter, or emailing us at


Brian Carlson

Head, Global Security Team of the Think Tank, Center for Security Studies at ETH Zürich

Ja Ian Chong

Associate Professor of Political Science, National University of Singapore

Koji Kagotani

Associate Professor of Economics, Osaka University of Economics

Thung-Hong Lin

Research Fellow of Sociology at Academia Sinica
Andrew Oros

Andrew Oros

Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Washington College

Hsin-Hsin Pan

Taiwan Scholar;
Assistant Professor, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan

Wen-Chin Wu

Associate Research Fellow of Political Science at Academia Sinica

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