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Democracy Imperiled: Venezuela and the Collapse of Democratic Institutions

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Amidst Venezuela's burgeoning economic and humanitarian crisis is continuing evidence of the erosion of the country's democratic institutions, processes, and norms. The independence of the judciary and electoral institutions has been undermined and the opposition-led National Assembly has been completely sidelined as the executive branch continues to concentrate power.

In these circumstances, what is the path forward to resolution of the deep and multiple crisises afflicting the country? Please join us for a panel of Venezuelan and U.S. experts to discuss current developments in Venezuela and options for a domestic and international response.

The Venezuelan experts are in Washington, D.C. for an audience with the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (OAS).


Photo Credit: Jonathan Alvarez C / Wikimedia Commons





  • Eric L. Olson

    Global Fellow
    Director of the Central America-D.C. Platform, Seattle International Foundation