Foreign Policy Challenges in 2010: The Islamic Crescent | Wilson Center

Foreign Policy Challenges in 2010: The Islamic Crescent

Robert M. Hathaway, Director, Asia Program; Aaron David Miller, Public Policy Scholar and Former Middle East Analyst, Negotiator, and Advisor, U.S. Department of State; Barbara Slavin, Former Fellow and Author, Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the U.S. and the Twisted Path to Confrontation; and Robert Litwak, Director, International Security Studies. Moderated by: Michael Van Dusen, Executive Vice President.

Experts on U.S. policy in Iran, Pakistan, the Arab-Israeli conflict and U.S. national security discuss current and future U.S. policy in the region.


  • Robert Hathaway

    Global Fellow, Director Emeritus
    Former Director, Asia Program, Woodrow Wilson Center; Former Public Policy Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center
  • Michael Van Dusen

    Middle East Fellow
    Former Senior Advisor to the President for Alumni Relations, Woodrow Wilson Center; Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Woodrow Wilson Center
  • Aaron David Miller

    Aaron David Miller

    Global Fellow
  • Barbara Slavin

    Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council's South Asia Center and Washington correspondent for
  • Robert S. Litwak

    Senior Vice President and Director of International Security Studies