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The Geopolitical Importance of Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Date & Time

Oct. 7, 2022
9:00am – 10:00am ET


Even as the Russian invasion of Ukraine remains ongoing, the United States continues to expand its focus on Southeast Asia and the Pacific to address the rise of China. As regional tensions heighten and Beijing ramps up its military modernization program, the United States and its allies and partners face numerous challenges surrounding how to most effectively deter—and if necessary—defeat aggression and coercion. For the United States to meet the demands of China’s rising power, it must balance competing interests, economic security, regional politics, and the occasional tensions to forge closer alliances and partnerships with a diverse range of countries, including Australia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, as well as fortify its territories in the region, such as Guam.

Join the Wilson Center on October 7th at 9:00 AM Eastern Time for a special pre-recorded conversation on these issues featuring Congressman Donald Norcross (NJ-01) and Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01), moderated by former Congressman and Wilson Center Public Policy Fellow Mark Kennedy and the Wilson Center’s Director for Geoeconomics Shihoko Goto.

This will be a pre-recorded event webcast on this webpage above.

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Asia Program

The Asia Program promotes policy debate and intellectual discussions on U.S. interests in the Asia-Pacific as well as political, economic, security, and social issues relating to the world’s most populous and economically dynamic region.   Read more

Kissinger Institute on China and the United States

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Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

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