Ground Truth Briefing: Missing Students: How Mexico Has Been Tested

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In September 2014, a group of students from a teachers college in the Mexican state of Guerrero travelled to Iguala to protest discriminatory hiring practices. On the way to the protest, police intercepted the group, clashing with the students. As a result, 6 people were killed and 43 students disappeared. During the search, multiple mass graves have been found and none of the bodies belong to the missing students.

These discoveries have left Mexicans horrified and outraged, and have led to nationwide protests. International observers are increasingly referring to the situation in Iguala as representative of the problem of narco-influence in local government and the ongoing challenges of weak institutions at state and local levels in Mexico.

Join us BY PHONE for a discussion of these events, the response by the government and by society, and the impact on Mexico’s international image with two experts on the ground.

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