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Ground Truth Briefing: Venezuela Protests: How Big the Crisis?

In this Ground Truth Briefing, three prominent experts on the ground in Venezuela will discuss the unfolding crisis.

Date & Time

Mar. 5, 2014
11:00am – 12:00pm
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Ground Truth Briefing: Venezuela Protests: How Big the Crisis?

Exactly one year after the death of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, serious questions are being raised again about the viability of his movement and the government led by his hand-picked successor, Nicolás Maduro.

With inflation over 50 percent, widespread scarcity of basic goods, and alarmingly high rates of violent crime, public discontent has boiled over and into the streets. Opposition rallies and marches—along with counter-marches by government supporters—have taken place in numerous cities, with some turning violent.

Each side accuses the other of responsibility for a mounting death toll. The government has mounted a strong show of force, cracking down on the international press and blaming “fascists” and international conspiracies (including from the United States) for the unrest.

Three prominent experts on the ground in Venezuela discussed the unfolding crisis.

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