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Hollywood Made in China

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American studios want a bigger piece of China’s USD 6.8 billion box office.

They are willing to edit scripts and flatter China to get it. The Chinese government wants to limit American cultural influence in China, but also to use Hollywood to build China’s soft power. Washington has taken note of China’s ambitions, the lack of reciprocity in cultural and commercial relations, and Beijing’s ability to leverage its market to influence American film. The issue is becoming central to U.S.-China relations.

Please join us for a timely discussion with Dr. Aynne Kokas, author of Hollywood Made in China. In her book Dr. Kokas examines Hollywood’s relationship with China, where the distinctions between Hollywood’s “dream factory” and the PRC’s “Chinese dream” of global influence become increasingly blurred. With insightful policy analysis, ethnographic research, and interviews with CEOs, directors, and film workers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, Aynne Kokas offers an unflinching look at China’s new role in the global media industries.

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  • Aynne Kokas

    Former Fellow
    Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia



  • Robert Daly

    Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States